COLLABORATION #2: “Light Strategies” with Salvatore Insana, Rome, Italy

Nice and memorable collaboration with friend from Italy, Salvatore Insana. Music by me, video by Salvatore. Also “Light Strategies” were performed at this year “Live Performers Meeting XI Edition” in Rome, Italy.

Hope not the last work with him 😉


COLLABORATION #1: “Odio Il Movimento” audio track. Vocal by Elisa Turco Liveri, Italy

In collaboration with italian actress Elisa Tuco Liveri. 

Listen at: 

More info about Elisa:

PERFORMANCE #2: “Quit-Less A/V performance live @ LPM 2012, Rome, Italy


A seven minutes cut from my personal A/V performance played at Live Performers Meeting XI Edition, Rome. Visuals were mixed live with Modul8 software, midi controller. All visuals were composed with Quartz composer.

Quit-Less A/V performance live @ LPM 2012, Rome, Italy from Tobias Faar on Vimeo.

PORTFOLIO #2: The Fields Of Silent Landscapes (Performance-patch)


The audio work for A/V performance called “Quit-Less”.

The work compiled from various high frequency tones, sines and bass.

PERFORMANCE: “Experimental sound composition of field records for organ “VENTA”. Performed at “VENTOS GARSO GALERIJA” (Venta Sound Gallery), April 11th, “Jauna Muzika 2012”, LCU Concert Hall.

Every time the sound of organ is heard, one is reminded of mystifications, which as if they were an old wooden ship take one to a journey to undiscovered fields of emotions, which sometimes we sink in. Experimental sound composition of field records could be compared to the deck of that ship. While sun shines in the sky on the deck one enjoys sounds of surroundings, which are always a pleasure for ears. Every sound makes its own illusions of visible and not visible objects that one paints in his/her mind.

In the composition sounds of Lithuanian organ “Venta” (1988) are used as the object of sound. Later they become the substance of other sounds making development. The object becomes a story that gives a fresh look to the sounds of rain or wind. The sounds of organ are the story of experimental music, which in some cases of composition becomes even, or sometimes varies from low to middle register. In this way the atmosphere of peaceful night is created and in oder to understand it one should try to rely on his/her ability to hear.

The sound is information that everyone of us understands and welcomes in different ways. Sound as a story is a point of view that we have already understood. The only thing left is the interpretation of new sound story. To create it one should answer a question “Am I ready to travel in the space of my mind?” When one finds himself/herself, he/she finds a story. After finding a story, one starts to discover the sound.

Sounds of organ “Venta” were recorded by ANTANAS JASENKA (thanks for him very much)

Download full composition at:

NEWS#5: Upcoming release in CD-r and digital on May!

The upcoming release on May. Planning to compile the sounds of electronic frequencies, field-recordings. Album will appear in physical copy and digital. Pre-orders of album can be done from the end of April via e-mail:

Shipping as always – to all countries.

NEWS#4: Creation in process…

The first thing i had thought ever – creation of composition for something. This happened to me. For the upcoming festival in Lithuania, i was asked to create and arrange the audio performance for the old lithuanian organs “Venta”. Of course it is a big challenge to put the different sounds in one piece of 25 minutes. The main difficulties of the composition is that, the sounds of organs are a little bit distorted and it requires to do a little modulation with various effects like reverbs, delays and frequency shifters.

In all piece for the upcoming performance will be used the field-recordings from various environments, also i’ll try to use some sine sounds, that would retouch the noises in organ sound.

The full composition would be performed at contemporary electronic music festival “Jauna Muzika 2012” in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The short preview of the composition will be available in a few days.